We are a trading business platform, first conceived by Roberta Romani , who has been working in international import/export trading for many years.

With more than 20 years of experience in its field, working alongside leading dynamic businesses, Ouse certainly acts as a reference point in trading.

Ouse is about flexibility and safety: our first concern is to meet our clients' and suppliers' needs directly and in full transparency. We follow our products from the research stages, to stock evaluation, offering complete support to our clients throughout the whole process.

Competence, innovation, velocity: Ouse is the best way to get hold of the best raw materials without entering the mainstream global market, which is ruled by the biggest industrial giants.

It's an independent, alternative way to trade abroad.

Ouse seeks out viable alternatives for trading within the international market, and with its 10-year experience in the field has established itself as one of the best companies of its kind. Ouse is new, dynamic, fast and committed, providing quick solutions for maximum results.

Ouse is an ideal place, a platform:

the meeting point between two businesses that can help each other thrive.